iBiker Cycling & Heart Trainer App Reviews

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Digifit Apps

Nice Apps, but should work with the cadence/speed Garmin GS10, without buying the digit connect. Like the SCOSCHE heart rate which works without the digit connect !!!

Excellent program

This program is great tool to monitor my training. Only one problem with Km of summary is presenting different results of Km of Exercise. Congratulation

Very complete

It doesnt matter what You want to do This programam have Very Good


Bom aplicativo

Ummmm ..

Ok. Great app. All it needs is your home wifi connection at the start to track a whole bunch of different workouts. One thing though. It only works ONCE without you giving it all your information (age, weight, height) to make an account. FIX THIS PLEASE !

Think Metric

There is no Metric Units setting. Please add to the app soon. Regards, iLian

Fix the GPS

Im really enjoying the digifit for my morning and evening commutes on my bike. It tells me how long I took, what my average speed was, and how far I went. BUT what it consistently gets wrong is my top speed. Yesterday it told me that my top speed was 611 km/h. The other day it was 96. Clearly this is totally incorrect unless i have a rocket stuck to the back of my bike. Please fix this

Pretty awesome

It does need improvements on miner things but i still love it

Great app

Great app for the recreational bike rider. I love it

Great App

I use it everyday. Excellent integration with ANT hardware and other applications. Its the pivotal app. Good graphics and detail. Keep it going and more seamless integration would be excellent. Highly recommend.


Great app, very flexible and adaptable. I use it for jogging and cycle training. Works well with Garmin sensors, withings scale and BP sensor. Very nice integration and completely customiseable displays. I REALLY love it. Beware however, calorie burn figures apprear to be almost DOUBLE reality when used with no heart rate monitor or other sensors. Currently discussing the issue with tech support For example, a 1h00 ride stated 1600 calories one day with no sensors, the next day I installed my heart sensor and speed/cadence, do the exact same ride and burner 675 calories and the same the next day... (and yes all my weight/size/age data was properly entered in both cases) My research tells me that the later is correct and the 1600 was grossly exaggerated but how can it be so far out of wack ? Will update review as I get answers from Digifit on the calorie issue. (They have been great with support up to date). UPDATE: heard back from customer service that its a bug to be fixed in next patch. (Thanks for great service and fast answers digifit)


Very intuitive and easy to use. Provides useful quality information. Integrates almost seamlessly with other sources and people. Use it for biking, hiking and walking. Have it tied to scale, BP cuff, heart rate monitor, foot cadence, bike speed and cadence, diet inputs, fit bit and spouse. All this with surprisingly little overhead and bother. Very motivational for our fitness and weight loss program.

Works well enough but slow

Works well enough and does what it is supposed to do. Nice to track workouts and all. Responds very slowly to touches which is annoying.

Love this app

This app is great for tracking all my walks, hiking and biking. It provides lots of flexibility in setup and use workouts can be shared with others in a variety of ways. It synchronizes nicely with the Internet for easy review of my workouts. I use it all the time. Its handy. Fun. Easy. Informative. Love it.

What happened

Why does app not work after update? My voice feedback just says "0ne one" I clicked on email support and I dont even get an email. Just an endless loop I cant submit to.

Great app

Been using it for a couple of weeks and love it.

Really good

Really good


Really neat to have with a heart moniter.

Best little exercise app. Ever!

Hmmm 200$ on a Garmin or a 2$ app for my IPhone? This app runs rides and walks with me and is extremely user friendly. Once you get you Heart rate monitor, you can assess your workout. And find your way back home

Love this app

I absolutely love iBiker! I added an attachment to my phone so I can attach it to my bike and off I go. I love how it tells me how fast Im going and how it shows the map of where Ive biked when I end my workout! I definitely recommend it!

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